Industrial Cast Iron Dining Table Base - Style 4b

This base collection is fully scalable and starts with 2‑leg configurations for 5 ft. tops. These tables are expandable to virtually any length by using additional legs and sets of connecting stretcher bars that are available in various lengths.

Can add unlimited leg/sections. Only matching length sections can be added to each base. (Ex.: S to S, M to M, L to L, XL to XL). See 'Vasi Extensions' page for pricing.

Total base length (TBL) measurements (+ additional leg/sections)

  • (S) 2-leg base = 49" TBL (each additional leg/section + 46.5")
  • (M) 2-leg base = 61" TBL (each additional leg/section + 58.5")
  • (L) 2-leg base = 73" TBL (each additional leg/section + 70.5")
  • (XL) 2-leg base = 85" TBL (each additional leg/section + 82.5")

Cast Iron Table Bases                      

Each base has three connecting stretcher bars positioned both high and low for maximum stability.

Top Spec Guide: select SBCR-44 for 50-72” tops, SBCR-56 for 62-84” tops, SBCR-68 for 74-96” tops, or SBCR-80 for 86-108” tops.

Note: For end seating with minimum 11.5” over-hang, use SBCR-44 for 6’ tops, SBCR-56 for 7’ tops, SBCR-68 for 8’ tops, or SBCR-80 for 9’ tops. Size down to next stretcher size to increase over-hang additional 6".

  • Leg dimensions: 28" w x 27.75" h x 2.5" t.                                       
  • Total base weight: 204 lbs.– 222 lbs.
  • Cast iron treated for rust prevention.
  • Charcoal grey with clear satin finish.
  • Shipped flat packed. Easy to assemble and disassemble.
Iron Finish

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